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DR.TEREŠKO Blood Vessels loose tea, 55 g

DR.TEREŠKO Blood Vessels loose tea, 55 g

DR.TEREŠKO Blood Vessels loose tea, 55 g

Human health is greatly affected by the condition of the veins.

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Healing tea for BLOOD VESSELS consists of a mixture made from equal amounts of hazel bark and leaves. Hazel bark and leaves contain a lot of bioflavonoids, essential oils, 10% tannin, resins, micro and macro elements. Under the influence of these substances, even the smallest blood vessels expand, which enrich the cells that are most far and deep with nutrients, and if not a single particle of the body experiences hunger, then all systems are strong and can withstand any disease. A decoction of hazel bark and leaves tones up veins, prevents bursting of capillaries, acts against any inflammation, or, more correctly, provides a state in which the forces of the body can cope with all inflammations on their own. Especially good results are observed in the case of inflammation of the prostate and with its benign enlargement (prostate adenoma). A side effect of this tea is increased kidney function, but this is good, because morning swelling decreases and high blood pressure, if any, decreases. Taking health tea for BLOOD VESSELS, a person becomes more cheerful, more active, more energetic, to put it simply, younger.

Form loose tea
Age For adult
Country of origin Latvia
Type of products Food supplements and dietetic foods

2 tablespoons of tea mixture, pour 2 cups of water, boil for 15-20 minutes, let cool. Consume 2/3 cup, 3 times a day.

Content of one tablespoon:

  • hazel leaves, 0.81g;
  • hazel bark, 0.81g;

The package contains 34 tablespoons of tea.

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