COMPEED 4.2 cm x 6.8 cm blister patches, 5 pcs.


COMPEED 4.2 cm x 6.8 cm blister patches, 5 pcs.


Hydrocolloid plasters for wet calluses on the heels rubbed during sports.

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COMPEED plasters for painful wet calluses when walking in heels: provide quick healing, last for several days, waterproof, invisible.

IMMEDIATELY RELIEVES PAIN: Provides shock absorption, thus relieving pressure and eliminating pain and chafing.

SPEEDS HEALING: The hydrocolloid gel creates an optimal environment for the healing process.

STAYS IN SEVERAL DAYS: Thanks to the extra strong, rounded edges, Compeed plasters adapt to movement and do not peel off like conventional plasters.

WATERPROOF: Provides the natural moisture level under the patch and protects against bacteria penetration, accelerating the natural healing process.

DISCOVERED: transparent edges blend in with skin color. Compeed is based on the technology used in the army for wound healing. The hydrocolloid gel is ideal for treating wet calluses, whatever the cause - running, new shoes, long-worn shoes or being on your feet from morning to evening. Compeed is the # 1 brand for the treatment of wet corns and is trusted by millions of people around the world.

Form blister patches
Age For adult
Effect Protective
Type of products Medical goods

1. Before use, cleanse the skin so that no creams or oils remain on the corn area.

2. Peel off the top protective paper layer without touching the sticky part.

3. Press the patch firmly over the corn, carefully smoothing the edges.

4. Do not touch the patch until it begins to peel off (note: it may hold in place for several days).

5. How to remove the casing: do not pull the casing up, but gently pull the ends parallel to the skin.

Hydrocolloid gel.

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