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CEMIO Gemze capsules, 60 pcs.

CEMIO Gemze capsules, 60 pcs.

CEMIO GEMZE - The highest quality collagen for your cartilage and bones.

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Expiration date: 2025-04-30
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Cemio gemze® contains pure (undenatured) new generation and Swiss quality NC I® and NC II® type collagens that correspond to ColIPure® quality. Its quality ensures maximum purity and original origin. Type I collagen is found in ligaments and tendons. This collagen is a key component of natural bones. Type I collagen makes up up to 90% of the total amount of collagen in the body. This substance is also found in the skin. Type II collagen is mainly found in articular cartilage. It makes up up to 70% of the dry mass of cartilage.

Cemio gemze is manufactured in Switzerland, in a factory that meets the highest pharmaceutical requirements. During production, the most modern technologies and methods are used, processing natural collagen and incorporating it into special shaped capsules, which are designed to be easy to swallow.

For adults who want to keep their joints alive for a long time and enjoy a careless lifestyle
For physically active people who have a long-term daily physical activity
People who are overweight and therefore overworked knee, hip and spine joints
Athletes whose body is intensely loaded every day
For the elderly and those who already have movement problems

Form capsules
Age For adult
For teenagers
For seniors
Characteristics Lactose free
Gluten free
No added sugar
Gender For women
For men
Country of origin Switzerland
Type of products Food supplements and dietetic foods
  • Usage: 1 capsule a day, at any time.
  • Use for at least 2 months (full course).
  • Repeat the course several times a year.
  • It is recommended to use without interruption for optimal effect. In this way, you will provide good conditions for the resumption of collagen production in the body.

• E 422 – Glycerin
• E 172 – Iron oxides and hydroxides
• E 901 – White and yellow beeswax
• E 322 – Lecithins
• E 420 – Sorbitols
• Gelatin - - mg
• Purified water - - mg
• Bovine collagen containing pure NC I® type collagen - 16 mg and pure NC II® collagen type - 20 μg - 16.02 mg
• Soybean oil - - mg
• Coconut oil - - mg
• VITAMIN C (L-ascorbic acid) - 20 mg

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